This Training will show you how to make videos for Ecommerce.
After taking this training, you can
apply for the Job.
Photo editing & copywriting Trainings will be added later.


If you are hired,You will be making advertisement videos for products. We will give you the app you need to edit the video & also a tutorial on how to use the app, keep reading!
(However, you may use any app/software you prefer as long as you can come up with the type of video we are looking for).

The video will be for dropshipping ecommerce business, so the product is already being sold by other sellers as well. So you can find many videos/images of the product in youtube, facebook, vimeo, amazon, aliexpress & other websites. 

We will only give you the product link from aliexpress/amazon. You have to come up with the video based on the rule given below. 

To understand better see examples(must see) :
Video example



If you have an android device, get the app to edit the video from any of the link below 
If you use ios device, we can't provide as Apple doesn't allow to install 3rd party apps. You may need to use another app/software.



How to find videos to edit? 

  1. Search for the product in There are multiple sellers selling the same product, so often you will find good videos there. *For some products videos are not available in aliexpress. 
  2. Search for the product in youtube. 
    ◾For some products it will be very easy to find good videos.
    ◾For some products it is harder. In this case, use different search terms until you find the right one. Search terms will make all the difference, atleast try 10 different search terms. 
    *Once you find a good video, use search terms similar to the video title. 
  3. Search for the product on Facebook. Try different search terms here too. 
  4. Search in 

Tips :

  1. 3-5 good videos is enough to make the ad. Don't waste your time finding a lot of videos. 
  2. Sometimes 1 video is enough to make the ad. This is rare but when you find a high quality video(with no logo/watermark) showing all benefits & features of the product, you can simply use it! 
  3. For some products it is almost impossible to find enough clips to make the ad. In this case, simply ignore!
  4. Use the aliexpress app to browse aliexpress.  It is faster & user friendly!
  5. Download youtube videos using this website
  6. For the script(text) to be displayed in the video, you can get ideas from aliexpress product page description OR other videos. 



(watch the video below to learn how to do all these)
✔️1:1 ratio
✔️15-60 secs. This will be different for each project.
✔️Should have copyright free background music which matches the product. Girly music for girl's products etc. 
✔️Text should be easily visible. You can achieve this by having a white bar at bottom and displaying text over it OR you can add text background OR you can use text border/shadow. Whatever you come up with is fine as long as it looks clean and professional! 
✔️Text should have same size, color, animation, font 
✔️Audio fade-out at the end
✔️The first few clips should highlight the benefits of the product (how the product will solve our problem OR how the product will make us better etc.) First 5-7 secs is very important because we have to catch the audience's attention here, we have to stop them from scrolling down their facebook newsfeed! 
✔️After this it should be clips highlighting other benefits (where can we use the product, is it portable, it's unique features, etc) 
✔️The last few clips can contain product features like lightweight, built quality etc. 
✔️The "text" in the last 3 secs should be "SHOP NOW" 
✔️Text should have same size, color, animation, font 
❌No other brand's logo/watermark 
❌No transition effect between clips(it should be a direct cut) 
❌Video should not start with text
❌Avoid using the word 'you/your' in the script(text) of the video
⚠️In some cases we may ask to add a logo in the upper right corner OR a watermark in the centre(15% opacity) with the website domain.